Student Affairs and Enrollment Management Staff Recognition Awards

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SAEM's Staff Recognition Awards Program!

As a community we value the contributions of every SAEM staff member and the university community as a whole.  We also believe that it is important to celebrate our individual and collective accomplishments to remind us of the wonderful things we do and to inspire us to continue our efforts toward excellence in service and community building.

Award nominations for this year will uniquely encompass the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 academic years in light of challenges our current virtual environment has placed on our operations and programming. We encourage you to look back to the past two years and consider nominating colleagues and team members from within SAEM for the awards defined below. You may submit nominations for more than one award and you may nominate an individual/team/program for multiple awards for which they qualify. 

Submit your nominations using this online SAEM Recognition Award Nomination Form. Self-nominations are also welcomed. All nominators and nomiees (except for the Faculty Partner award) must be on staff in the Student Affairs & Enrollment Management cabinet area. Please submit one form for each nomination.

Nominations are due by Friday, April 9, 2021.

Award Descriptions & Criteria


Faculty Partner Award

Recognizes a faculty member who has been an outstanding collaborator with Student Affairs & Enrollment Management on a significant initiative aimed at accomplishing the mission and goals of SF State.

Rising Star Award

Recognizes employees who have made an impact at SF State during their first 3 years or less of service to SAEM.  The nominees have made significant contributions to SAEM or the student affairs profession and demonstrate potential for leadership and continuing service.

Outstanding Student Employee Award

Recognizes an individual student leader employed by SAEM who has made exceptional contributions to the quality of campus life at SF State over any of the past two academic years. Criteria include evidence of commitment to the job, leadership, initiative, quality of work, accomplishments and a genuine dedication to providing service to students and/or the campus community. Nominees must be enrolled in a degree program, have a minimum GPA of 2.5 (undergraduate) or 3.5 (graduate), and in good standing with the University. Good standing includes academic, financial and disciplinary (conduct) standing. Nominations must be endorsed by the student’s direct supervisor or advisor in SAEM.  Upon receipt of this nomination, the SAEM Awards Committee will contact the student's supervisor/advisor to obtain their endorsement.

Up to 2 awards will be given each year.

Innovative Program Award

Recognizes an individual or group who creatively designed and implemented a program and/or service that furthers student learning and success. The program or initiative exhibits clear mission/goals, innovation, excellence in planning and execution, and proven to be instrumental in SAEM’s ability to accomplish its goals.

Up to 2 awards will be given each year.

Outstanding Event Award

Recognizes an individual or team who created and hosted an event in 2019-20 or 2020-21, either in person or virtual, that enriched the student experience at SF State and exhibited excellence in planning and execution, including successful marketing strategies and/or effective use of resources.

Up to 2 awards will be given each year.

You Rock! Award

Recognizes unique contributions and achievements of an employee who advances the mission of SAEM. Nominees go above and beyond to support students and/or co-workers, consistently provides excellent service to students and/or SAEM and, embodies student-centeredness and professionalism.

The Giraffe (Sticking Your Neck Out for Social Justice) Award

Recognizes outstanding commitment to social justice. Nominees have gone far above and beyond their professional responsibilities to help someone in significant need and have made a difference in helping the campus community or the greater global community overcome a challenge.  

The Purple Gator Award (Distinguished Service to SF State Award)

Recognizes ten or more years of significant contribution to SF State, exhibiting significant expertise in their area within SAEM, exemplary and high-impact service to students and the campus community.

Nomination Guidelines:

  • Individual and self-nominations are welcomed.
  • Nominators are asked to provide a description of how and why this individual/department/group meets the criteria of the award in 200 words or less. The word limit for the Purple Gator Award is 500 words.
  • Recipients must be employed in their current position for at least six months.

Please submit your nomination through the online SAEM Staff Nomination Form.  All SAEM staff and faculty may submit a nomination for these awards.


Awards Nomination Form