COVID-19 Prevention, Persistence and Common Good

Dear Campus Community,


Throughout this year of pandemic, SF State students, faculty, staff, and administrators have demonstrated remarkable commitment to the common good. In the vision of the common good, there is a collective space where intentionally working together will foster the best possible results for us individually and collectively. The impact of our cumulative efforts to date in limiting transmission of COVID-19 has been amazing. Thank you for your commitment and your cooperation.

While a rest may well be deserved, we are not done. The course of this challenge still stretches some distance in front of us. Rates of COVID-19 in our surrounding community remain extremely high, particularly in communities of color, and new variants may foster increased transmission. Vaccines are coming, but if we don’t persist in doing what we have done so well to date, then we will see increased illness and even deaths before vaccines can make a positive impact. So, please continue:

  • Wearing face coverings
  • Maintaining physical distancing
  • Limiting non-essential travel
  • Staying home when sick

Let’s honor the heroic efforts of those on the front line of this pandemic by continuing to do all we can to prevent transmission. Hopefully by summer we will have gained significant ground, and there will be an opportunity for some rest. But until county, state, and federal health authorities indicate the corner has been turned, let’s resolve to stay the course in our prevention efforts. Let’s persist, for the Common Good.

Individual and community health are SF State’s top priorities. Take good care of yourself and one another.


Stay well,

Roger Razzari Elrod, Director, SF State Student Health Services


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