VPSAEM Personnel

Office of the Vice President
Name Title Phone Email
Dr. Jamillah Moore Vice President (415) 338-2032 vpsaem@sfsu.edu
David Schachman Director of Business Operations (415) 338-2032 dschachman@sfsu.edu
Nikkie Guevarra Fiscal Analyst (415) 338-2032 nikkiemg@sfsu.edu
Rebecca Sanchez Personnel Officer   bex@sfsu.edu
Stephen Roberts Executive Assistant to Dr. Jamillah Moore 415-388-2563 sroberts@sfsu.edu
Division of Campus Safety
Name Title Phone Email
Reggie Parson Assistant Vice President for Campus Safety & Chief of Police (415) 338-2747 regg@sfsu.edu
Martha Villanueva Administrative Analyst/Specialist (415) 338-1180 mvcanelo@sfsu.edu
Division of Enrollment Management
Name Title Phone Email
Dr. Katie Lynch Senior Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management (415) 338-2163 katielynch@sfsu.edu
Mai Bui Administrative Analyst/Specialist (415) 338-2550 maibui@sfsu.edu
Division of Equity & Community Inclusion
Name Title Phone Email
Dr. Frederick Smith Associate Vice President for Equity & Community Inclusion & Chief Diversity Officer (415) 338-7290 fredericksmith@sfsu.edu
Briana Williams Administrative Analyst/Specialist   brianamwilliams@sfsu.edu
Division of International Education
Name Title Phone Email
Dr. Marilyn Jackson Assistant Vice President for International Education  (415) 338-3317 mjackson@sfsu.edu
Michelle Hong Administrative Analyst/Specialist (415) 405-3930 mihong@sfsu.edu
Division of Disability Access & Student Well-being
Name Title Phone Email
Dr. Dai To Associate Vice President for Disability Access and Student Wellbeing (415) 338-2916 daito@sfsu.edu
Corrine Cheung Administrative Analyst/Specialist (415) 338-2916 corrinec@sfsu.edu
Division of Student Life
Name Title Phone Email
Dr. Miguel Angel Hernandez  Associate Vice President for Student Life & Dean of Students (415) 338-2032 dos@sfsu.edu
Pam Su Associate Dean of Students (415) 338-3885 pamsu@sfsu.edu
Equity Programs & Compliance (Title IX & Discrimination, Harassment & Retaliation)
Name Title Phone Email
Lori Makin-Byrd Acting Title IX Coordinator   lmakinby@sfsu.edu
Azza Sidahmed Interim Title IX Case Coordinator   azzasidahmed@sfsu.edu