Fall 2019 Welcome Message from the Vice President & Dean of Students

Welcome Gators!


The fall semester is underway and we are so excited to embark on this journey with you. We are committed to helping create an inclusive campus community where every student belongs and the student experience matters. Every student has the capacity to live a purposeful life and positively impact the world. Whether you are living on or off campus, there are a multitude of opportunities to learn, develop, and grow as a student leader, and responsible member of the SF State community. Student Affairs and Enrollment Management provides co-curricular programs and services that are accessible to all students from the time you first consider applying to SF State, through when you graduate with your desired goal. We hope that you will avail yourself of our many programs and services.

As is true with any journey worth taking, we recognize that this chapter of life may bring challenging times and circumstances that test your resolve. We serve students guided by the values of integrity, community, social justice, transformation, and innovation — values which are at the heart of San Francisco State. We hope to create that sense of “home away from home” and serve as a place where students can seek assistance or find inspiration when they don’t know where else to go. For instance, our Dean-On-Call Program provides compassionate care to students looking for support and guidance no matter their challenges. These administrators are available Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm, for students who walk into the Dean of Students Office (SSB 403), no appointment is necessary. You will find additional means of support and guidance in addressing any concerns here.

You are entitled to various forms of assistance and support to facilitate your academic success and well-being. In this effort, the Office of Equity Programs & Compliance monitors the University’s adherence to policies prohibiting discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and sexual misconduct. Please note that with very few exceptions, if you report or disclose an experience of sexual harassment/misconduct to a staff or faculty member, they are required to report the disclosure to the Title IX Coordinator – even if you request confidentiality.

This chapter of life should also afford you the opportunity to better acquaint yourself with every aspect of yourself. The Division of Student Life can help you live, lead, and learn more about yourself and how to make a difference on campus and in the world. The Office of the Dean of Students is planning to host  programs and events, like Chomp With a Gator, Selfie with Alli (Gator), and Gator Think Tank — an advisory board of diverse students that provides feedback and dialogue on the student experience at SF State. From getting support to getting connected, we are here to help all students on their most challenging days, as well as celebrate with them on their best, no matter what. We’d love to help you get connected and supported in whatever ways that we can!

We are thrilled to welcome new campus leadership: President Lynn Mahoney; Interim Vice President Beth Hellwig; Assistant Vice President for Equity & Community Inclusion Fred Smith; Interim Director of the Office of Student Diversity & Equity Danny Teraguchi; Black Unity Center Director Tarshel Beards; and Director of Student Activities & Events Mia Reisweber. We also have a new Jewish Student Life Coordinator Sasha Joseph, and are in the midst of recruitment for a Muslim Student Life Coordinator. This promises to be an exciting year!

Everything in your life has prepared you for, and led you to, this journey. We are grateful to be able to share this chapter of your life with you. Whether this is your first semester as a Gator, or you are returning, we welcome you whole-heartedly and look forward to meeting as many of you as possible throughout the academic year.


With Gator Pride,

Beth Hellwig, Interim Vice President, Student Affairs & Enrollment Management

Danny Glassmann, Associate Vice President for Student Life & Dean of Students